Our roots originate from our grandparents who owned and managed a Duka in Kenya. “Duka” is Swahili word for shop and synonymous to many kenyans as the only means to earn a living. Most individuals have to work every day selling food items, handmade crafts or even livestock in order to make a living.

Although our donation was simply to remain within the mission of our company, which is to re-invest in the global community by investing in local individuals, we were pleasantly surprised and honored, when the owners of the small shop we helped open, chose to name the store Matamart Grocery Shop..

Our plan in 2021 is to give a monthly donation to the shop in order to supply grocery items to locals within the neighborhood. If you are interested in making donations towards this project, please click here scroll to bottom and click donate or contact us at customerservice@matamart.com

As always, our customers and supporters remain the reason that we are able to do these missions. We look forward to a busy new year!

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