Matamart Africa is your authentic connection to African jewelry, accessories and goods. MATA (Mom-and-Tot Africa) brand, was originated as a way to engage our young children in cultural awareness and provide a way to connect with their heritage and background. Serah, the mother, was born and raised in Kenya, East Africa. She was raised in a family that owned and operated a “duka”, a small family owned store where they sold vegetables. Bryan, the father, is a US Army veteran who has served in Desert Storm and was stationed at different Army bases around the world.

Matamart seeks to be the leader in fair trade, we want to grow in a fair market and we will always maintain fair values. We promote creativity in our participants and provide incentives based on the product sales. We also give back to the community by donating to charities and supporting missions for humanity.

Meet some of the people who have contributed to making the designs that we provide.


Utilizing his home as a studio, our artists make the most amazing canvas and oil or banana art pantings. The art feature the amazing Equitorial Landscapes, Sahara Sunsets and beautiful wildlife of Kenya.

Maasai Women
Mama wa Shanga

Lovingly nicknamed “Mother of beads”. It is not uncommon to find Maasai women sitting under a shaded tree sharing stories (lomon) while doing beadwork. A trademark of Kenyan society, Maasai tribe is a nomadic tribe that keeps cattle. 

Leather Belt Beaded

Depending on speciality, fundi is the swahili word for hand maker irregardless of craft. Equipped with a few crucial tools such as displayed on photo. Eco-friendly process that does not create waste and pollution to the environment.